How to Make New Year's Party Hats Oakly Sunglass Sale

What is a New Year's Eve party without fun hats? If you answered boring you are correct. New Year's Eve party hats are one of the best parts of a New Year's Eve party, and they can be made inexpensively and easily. This article will provide you with step by step instructions on how to create several different types of New Year's Eve party hats.

A simple cone hat is perfect for New Year's Eve parties, and this is one of the easiest party hats to make. For this project you will need paper, glue, tape, or a stapler, a hole puncher, scissors, and elastic. There are two ways to make a cone hat, and they are both very simple.

Start by rolling a piece of paper into a cone and stapling, gluing, or taping it shut. Use your scissors to trim the hats brim, and punch a hole in each side of the hat. Tie the elastic through the holes to hold the hat in place and decorate.

For a smaller cone hat cut circle new era hats from a piece of paper, and cut a slit into the circle up to the middle of the circle. Next twist the cut slit sides into a cone and staple, glue, or tape it shut. Add holes and elastic and you have a basic cone hat.

Antenna Hat

For a unique and funny New Year's Eve party hat try making an antenna hat. For this project NIKE NFL Jerseys you will need heavy paper, a stapler and staples, tape, pipe cleaners, and scissors. Start by cutting a long strip from the heavy paper and stapling it into a crown that will fit your guest's head. Now curl the pipe cleaner around your finger or a pencil. Cut two small circles out of paper and tape them to the end of the pipe cleaners. Tape the pipe cleaners to the front sides of the hat, and your antenna hat is complete. Feel free to use four pipe cleaners and add the numbers of the new year to each for a unique antenna hat.

Another fun, festive, and easy New Year's Eve party Hat idea is the pirate hat. For this party hat all you will need is paper and tape. Start by folding a regular size piece of construction paper in half so that the shorter sides meet. Then fold the top corners of wholesale nfl jerseys the folded side down towards the center of the piece of paper. Now fold the bottom unfolded sides up to create a brim, and tape the edges of the brim together. This is a simple and cute New Year's Eve party hat that does not require many supplies.

Now that you have the basic design for your New Year's Eve party hat you can decorate it any way you like. Glitter, paint, ribbon, pom-poms, sequins, feathers, and rhinestones are fun accessories for your party hats. Tinsel and garland that is left over from Christmas is also a nice addition to your New Year's Eve party hats, and using fun patterns such as polka dots, strips, and diamonds always add a festive touch so feel Oakly Sunglass Sale free to experiment.

Making New Year's Eve party hats is fun for children and adults alike, and it is a great favor to give to your guests at your party. If you want your New Year's Eve party to be a hit make sure you have these homemade party hats!