About NEN First Dot

Today, more and more students in India are beating a path to entrepreneurship. Driven by the growing number of opportunities opening up in the country, and supported by the increasing array of entrepreneurship programs available on campus, students are juggling both coursework and cash flow to test their entrepreneurial mettle. If India is to grow into a strong, entrepreneurial nation, these efforts need to be encouraged and recognized.

A first-of-its-kind initiative, NEN First Dot aims to uncover and showcase the largest number of student startups in the country. Run by the NEN Entrepreneurship Cells (Chennai) and the NEN Trust team, the showcase offers participating startups access to significant business and mentoring support and media publicity.

In its first year, the showcase has attracted over 150 student startup nominations. 


NEN First Dot Structure:
People are invited to nominate student-run startups from across India starting (insert date). Participating startups must be run by students pursuing a degree program with a registered university in India. From (insert date) to (insert date), nominated startups are reviewed and judged by a panel of experts on the basis of market opportunity, business model, distinctive competence, and growth and investment potential. Ultimately, on (insert date) the panel will shortlist 30 startups as the winners of NEN First Dot. 


Benefits for Winners:
NEN First Dot is designed to significantly boost the growth of student-run startups in the country. The shortlisted Top 30 student startups receive national media coverage, including in Mint, Businessworld, and ET Now; access to exclusive, one-on-one mentoring support from NEN Experts, and a chance to pitch to leading investors. In addition, all nominees of NEN First Dot will be invited to participate in the showcase, and provided an opportunity to set up kiosks and exhibit their products.