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Starting a business is only the first step in your entrepreneurship journey. As soon as you start-up, you need to tell the world about yourself and how you’re different. But marketing and branding your business is never easy. You’re bound to make mistakes and spend that precious cash on things that just don’t work. But how important is branding for a start-up and is it a wise investment for an early stage company? How does a bootstrapped company market and brand itself?  Is social media the only cheap, effective tool available to market your business? To answer all these queries and more, we feature this week one of India’s branding experts, Rajeev Karwal, Founder and CEO of Milagrow Business & Knowledge Solutions. 



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Brijesh Poreddy's picture
How to build a marketing team for new start up?
Posted by Brijesh Poreddy 2 years 6 weeks

Please suggest me to built w new team for my start up business, which is related to training webportal

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Posted by Brijesh Poreddy on 01 Sep 2011 - 11:37:09
Nitesh Chandra's picture
Is expensive office space a major constraint for bootstrapping startups?
Posted by Nitesh Chandra 2 years 19 weeks

Let's face it, office space doesn't come cheap and there is only so much we can do from home. To build a team, to have the interest of potential recruits/customers, a decent office is essential. It also adds greatly to one's productivity for sure.

So, how are the startups meeting this challenge? Any innovative ideas/offers?

One offer that I know of and am currently availing is the 3-month complimentary Regus Businessworld Gold Membership by EFactor.

If you are aware of any similar offers, do share.

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