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Biointelligence is an organization that works as an interface between academia and the industry. We believe in providing practical education in order to prepare an individual with the technical aspects to establish himself in the industry.

Improvising  Education :

We as an organization create market for both the sectors to connect through wide range of training and educational programs . We invite professionals who mentor various modules and hence showcase the current technologies to the students and upgrade them. This gives students an insight of the industry and its on-going trends.

We believe in  Educating India   thus work in both technical and non technical sectors.

Experience Hired :

We understand the value of your experience  and  believe that sharing your experience helps to learn more . We give you an opportunity to earn from your experience, we help you to showcase your skills and earn from it  through a wide range of workshops and seminar we organize round the country.

Our Strategy :

We aim to prepare you according to the industry trends by evaluating your weakness and converting them into your pros .
We do so by training you with the experts from the industry and giving you a market where you know the face value of your talent.
We nurture an individuals talent by enrolling themselves into our in-house projects under the guidance of professional or experts working in that sector.


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