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Delhi College of Engineering, NEN E Cell

Group Information
New Delhi
Group Description:



* Provide information on all aspects on enterprise building

* To foster entrepreneurial culture in Delhi Technological University

* Provide a convenient mode of industry-institute interaction (through collaboration with IIPC)

* Provide assistance to potential and existing entrepreneurs even outside the institution

* “Incubate” the new ventures with special assistance to college students who are new to the concept of entrepreneurship   

* To assist weaker sections of society

* Collaborate with institutions and organizations which have similar objectives



Programs for Potential Entrepreneurs (Students)

* Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps/Entrepreneur’s Talk

* Entrepreneurship Development Programs targeting specific business areas as:

* Marketing

* Advertisement 

* Finance

* Stock Markets

* Factory Laws

* Labor Laws

* Emerging trends and new business practices

* Incubation assistance


These programs are interactive seminars to be conducted by specialist people in the respective fields.With intensive programs in place and relentless effort by the faculty and students, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell at Delhi Technological University is bound to become the most successful initiative of the college and one of the largest incubators of the country owing to the large infrastructure and resources of the “Knowledge Park”.


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