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Full2Pune is a FREE Mobile Application only for Pune people. No Need to have GPRS on your mobile Phone. Full2Pune application supports all the JAVA enabled Phones like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, LG, etc. Now, no need to send and spend on SMS. This application has Features like :

* Auto Fare calculator       

* Local Train Timings      

* Famous Places

* Search for the Locations  

* Tourist Attractions

* Emergency Numbers            

* Mumbai Pune Trains

1) Auto Fare calculator:- This calculates the fare according to the meter readings. It also calculates the Night Fare.Auto Fares supports up to 24:0 Meter Reading. It supports the new Fare Structure which is effective from July 2010.

2) Local Train Timings:- According to the source and the destination station, it tells you the departure time and arrival time at the stations. It includes all the local stations from Pune Station to Lonavla .

3) Search for the Location: If the user wants to know the address of the any Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs and Lounges, you can get the address and the Contact Number.

4) Famous Places: If the user wants to know what a particular area is famous for,he can select the particular road and all the Famous places or things will be displayed. It includes all the Roads/Areas from J.M.Road, F.C.Road, Kothrud, Camp, etc.

5) Tourist Attractions: If the user wants to know the various Forts, Gardens, Temples, Picnic Spots in Pune then he can select that thing and all the information will be displayed.

6) Emergency Numbers:- In any case of Emergency,the user can just click on the Particular thing like Ambulance, Blood Banks, Fire, Hospital, etc and the number will be displayed.

7) Mumbai Pune Trains:- This tells you all the train details from Pune to Mumbai passenger and back. This application shows the Train Name, Number, Arrival Timing and Departure Timing. It also contains the train details which are Other than Mumbai - Pune passenger.


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