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Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi, EDC IIT-DELHI

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New Delhi
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At eDC, IIT Delhi, we aim to promote entrepreneurship since its inception in January 2007. In the last three years, a considerable number of startups have emerged from IIT Delhi. In fact, people are quitting MNCs because they have discovered the urge to start up and work for the betterment of society. This year, eDC, IIT Delhi wants to make the spark of entrepreneurship spread like fire and is aiming for 25 startups by the end of this academic session. We are introducing a knowledge series apart from our speaker series this year to mentor our students step-by-step, from brainstorming sessions to pitching workshops, round the year. We expect this will ensure a continous flow of knowledge. Also, we are adding a resource centre in the form of an e-library.
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