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Jyoti Nivas College, Fortitude

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Group Description:
JNC E-Cell enables students to emerge as successful entrepreneurs in every sphere of life. It is a vibrant organization enthusiastically co-ordinated by students. E-Cell enables its members to develop their leadership qualities, explore their talents and foster their creativity.
JNC E-Cell has planned out many activities for the academic year 2010-11. JNC offers a 50-hour short-term credit-based certificate course in Entrepreneurship.
The Green Store' is a campus company of our E-Cell which is managed, supervised and monitored by the students. It is helping participants understand the nitty gritties of setting up a business, pricing the products, marketing, sourcing raw materials, profit planning etc. The E Cell also organized a field visit to the village in Golahalli, Kolar to collaborate with disadvantaged communities. Fashion show, Friendship Week, Utsav Exhibition and Food Fest were other events organized during the year. Demo workshops on Vermicomposting, Soap making, Aqua culture, Folder making and Bag making  were conducted on a regular basis to sustain the interest of the students and keep them enthused and motivated.
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