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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lakshya

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The E–Cell at JIM, Noida, provides its students the opportunity to take those small steps, which will lead them towards a brighter future. It instills within its members the qualities of leadership and responsibility along with authority and accountability. The key focus is on “Building Entrepreneurs for tomorrow.” Being a matter of pride for the institute, the E–Cell is a platform for not only the students, but also the faculty, to recognize their strengths and work towards enhancing them, along with eradicating their weaknesses.
For the last one year, the Entrepreneurship Cell has been inspiring entrepreneurship in thousands of young minds through regular events & E Week India celebrations. Events include business plan competitions, lectures, workshops, seminars and much more. Future plan includes an Entrepreneurship Development Program in association with MSME.
The wide spectrum of such events gives everyone an opportunity to explore new ideas, meet new people and see the world in a new way. The E Cell has also aided some students to start their own ventures. New members bring in fresh ideas every year which are implemented, to strengthen the E Cell. Thus, the E Cell at JIM, Noida looks forward to another eventful year, with support and blessings from all.
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