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Pune University - Management Development, NEN E Cell

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Group Description:

Our E Cell aims to:

         Expose students to the concept of entrepreneurial thinking.

         Provide help and support for creating future entrepreneurs.


To achieve this, we conduct workshops and seminars related to entrepreneurship to create awareness.

Students are encouraged to participate in various idea presentation and B-Plan competitions across various colleges.


We also publish a magazine ‘Embark’ biannually, which includes an interview with an entrepreneur, a book review, information about events undertaken by the ED cell and information about various organizations in the entrepreneurship ecosystem which help in financing and funding.


We are proud to introduce our colleague Mr. Shrikant Harne who has won Rs 1crore as a seed fund for his patented product, which is a pesticide effective on the disease ‘Telya’, which affects pomegranate and other similar species.


We warmly welcome you all to our ED-cell.

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