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Saveetha Engineering College, NEN E Cell

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The E Cell at Saveetha College of Engineering was formally inaugurated in January 2009. Our E Cell conducts interesting events for students to keep the fire of entrepreneurship burning within them. We have organized several guest lectures by experts like Mr. Sarat Babu from Foodking, Mr. Sunil Cherian from Burgerman,  Mr. Nirmal from Exnora and many more, who have shared experiences in entrepreneurship. 

Our E Cell made vermicompost from green waste on our campus and the manure is being used to make our campus greener. The E Cell team visited a near-by village and taught the villagers how to set up a  vermicompost pit, so that they could earn a living from the available garden waste. Our former E Leader, Saranya, was awarded the Cherie Blair Foundation Fellowship for this – an added feather in our cap!


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