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Vellore Institute of Technology, VITEDC

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Group Description:
“Redefine your reality; transcend the mundane; be the master of your fate.” 
We at Purple tree, E Cell VIT,  have adopted this as our motto to uphold and cherish as we grow. 
Starting from the humble beginning of just four members, our ECell has grown into a flourishing group of more than 30 core members across all programmes - with a fresh batch of students rearing to become a part of this club as well! 
Although, we haven’t progressed as fast as we’d have liked to, entrepreneurship, our core, is about the recognition and pursuit of opportunity without considering the resources you currently control. It’s about having the confidence that you can succeed, the flexibility to change course as necessary, and the will to rebound from setbacks. So in true entrepreneurial style we bounced back with a new team, a planner filled with new events and our hearts full of hope and confidence.
We live in uncertain and definitely volatile times – to say the least. If there is any time to embrace the “spirit of entrepreneurship” - it is now!
We, at Purple Tree believe we are as unique and creative as the name of our ECell. This is the time to trust yourself and your ideas no matter how ridiculous they may seem. Sometimes even the most ludicrous ideas do work out to be wonders!
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