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Group Description:

Better known as E Cell, the Entrepreneurship Cell of VJTI, is an effort to actualize the lucrative thoughts of our young technical minds. At VJTI, we are taught to play to our strengths, contribute to society and engrave a mark on the world.  It was with this understanding that the faculty and students at VJTI founded this society.

 Objectives of the E Cell:

·         Our primary aim is to create awareness regarding entrepreneurship and propound its advantages as the best alternative to job placements post graduation.

·         Rendering knowledge regarding finance, marketing, management, business planning, networking and business interactions through seminars and lectures.

·         Facilitating interactions between students and business professionals to create a support path between students and the industry.

·         Forming and maintaining a network of alumni, mentors and industry experts who can guide our member students.

·         Setting up an incubation centre to suport budding entrepreneurs and nurture their ideas.

 We conduct seminars and guest lectures on various aspects on entrepreneurship and also organize various workshops which help motivate students to take up entrepreneurship as a future course. 

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