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Witcraft Marketing Private Limited

Group Information
New Delhi
Group Description:
Company Name : Witcraft Marketing Private Limited
Industry : Media/Entertainment
Founded in : 2010
Founder (s) : Apoorv Jain, Harsh Snehanshu
Institute : IIT Delhi


With the advent of facebook as the biggest social networking site in India, people have started writing one-liners and witty quotes as their status messages. We see a great opportunity here, since majority of these people have never ever written anything before and they are getting better and better at constructing their own quotes. We, with our website, intend to create a network of people who are good with words (specifically one-liners) and provide them a proper place to record the outcome of their ‘wit’, plus give them opportunity to get incentive for the same, by bringing out products such as T-shirts, coffee mugs etc. based on their one-liners.

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