Aurora Business School

Creating business oriented, ethical global citizens possessing excellent managerial skills and inclination towards human values along with the ability to see themselves as the citizens beyond boundaries.
To nurture, educate, and train globally competitive business professionals, who are committed and socially responsible individuals
“Education is a process of creating and facilitating the right atmosphere of learning that is desired both by the individual as well as by the institution.”
“Global Citizen with a Human Touch” - the vision of ABS
“Every new challenge asks for a new response” – Mahatma Gandhi.
The era of Globalization has brought a new power to compete and collaborate globally. Individuals can now ask questions like where I fit in the Global competition. The problems and opportunities in the world are how more complicated than before. The students need help in recognizing the risks and interests in the broad, yet critical concepts that characterize the global scenario. Hence, there is a need to re-structure the curriculum to incorporate the need of an ever increasing awareness about the global complexity and interdependence and master the ability to communicate across various cultures, appreciate and endure differences and understand the difficulties in changing attitudes.
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City: Hyderabad

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8 February 2011 - 10:00am
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