Bishop Cotton Womens Christian College

Bishop Cotton Womens Christian College, Founded in 1985, has grown to become a leading pre-university and degree college with a reputation for providing superior academic education in an invigorating environment. 


The institution, managed by the Board of Management, forms a part of the Karnataka Central Diocese of the Church of South India. The College branched from the Bishop Cotton Girls School, as the Junior College inaugurated in 1985 and was expanded into a first Grade Degree College in 1987 with a total strength of 28 students. Today it boasts of strength of over 2,000 students & a lush green campus.


The College has a team of well distinguished and efficient academicians highly qualified in their respective fields of specialization.


Building on its past, Bishop Cotton’s recognizes the need to move forward & look to new horizons dedicating itself to the cause of women’s empowerment. The Institution will continue to send out into the world, women of integrity and substance. To us, the past is an experience, the present a challenge and the future an opportunity


Nec Dextrorsum, Nec Sinistrorsum, “Neither to the right, nor to the left” - but straight on! This motto in Latin is taken from the book of Joshua in the Bible and embodies a sense of morality, energy, vigour, clarity and purpose. Living by this simple credo, Cottonians hold their heads high, knowing that every moment is worthwhile. 

City: Bangalore
Pincode: 560027

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