Dhruva College of Management

Over fifteen years since its inception, Dhruva College of Management has made a formidable presence in the committee of management academia across the country. The institute is known for pragmatism in producing management graduates suitable for today’s corporate we prepare managers for success in a rapidly evolving and highly competitive global business climate.
Dhruva is truly happening B-School whether working on class room exercises, doing field studies, interacting with industry leaders or being socially responsive students are given ample opportunities to explore their innate capabilities and excel as global leader managers.
Besides offering the right kind of training, Dhruva also endeavors in making the students emotionally and spiritually strong. Here it’s not so much a matter of lvy League sophistication as its a culture of values and commitment to ethics & morals.
To create an outstanding facility that inspires and transforms young minds, there-by creating an abundant and enriched managerial pool to propel India as global leader.
To advance and disseminate knowledge and skills vital to the holistic development of mangers through teaching, training, research and consultancy steeped in ethics and morals.
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City: Hyderabad

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