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Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil, a well known educationist and philanthropist from Kolhapur located in the state of Maharashtra; Born in a small village of Ambap he dreamt of spreading education and healthcare to the masses of India and revolutionized the educational sector in Maharashtra. He has devoted himself to the cause of education. Eminent citizens representing various educational, social and industrial interests are members of the Board of Trustees of these organizations.
Shikshan Maharshi Dr. D. Y. Patil Shikshan Sanstha was started from the year 1995
Dr. D. Y. Patil has focused his energies for the cause of education, with emphasis on professional education areas. He is of the opinion that the education patterned to train the students to face the challenges and ever changing job/skill requirements on account of globalization without forgetting ethos of rich Indian culture is bound to transform the society and thereby make India a strong, self supporting and leading nation. His preference is for actual implementation of his concepts rather than merely preaching.
Dr. D. Y. Patil Center for Management and Research is more than a business education program. It aims to equip the students for the innovative & creative thinking for competitive business & imbibe the culture of business. Our aim is to provide excellent opportunity for education and learning. We firmly believe in leading, setting new trends, introducing innovative training methodologies and guiding our students towards the road to succeed with excellence. We seek to develop the perspectives necessary for effective and creative business leadership.
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