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Industrious and enterprising, an Engineering Contractor of all India repute, a person with a lavish common sense, Dr. M S Ramaiah, an illustrious son of Karnataka founded "Gokula Education Foundation" in the year 1962 as one of his bold ventures to perform service to society through a private educational system, without looking for any form of assistance from other agencies. Under the aegis of this foundation was born "M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology" in the same year in Bangalore. Another landmark was thus created in the history of technical education of India to impart much needed engineering education and an access was provided to all those who had been denied such an opportunity till then, in all parts of the country and outside.
M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore has carved out for itself a big name all over the country and is recognized as a premier educational institution in India. It abounds in well equipped and sophisticated laboratories, well stocked libraries and highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members. In tune with the noble ambitions and aspirations of Dr. M S Ramaiah to keep the institution ever growing and developing continuously so as to become as big as the ocean, a "Jnana Sagara", all the departments are continuously encouraged to implement appropriate and necessary procedures to initiate, include and conduct more programmes in frontier areas.
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