Sadhana Centre for Management and Leadership Development

Sadhana Centre for Management and Leadership Development came into being by the financial contribution and emotional alignment of, and persuasion by, the former students of Prof M.S. Pillai, who was the director of SCMHRD from its concept & inception in 1993, to April 2004. The persistent urging of hundreds of his former students inspired him to continue the journey of Human Resource Development by starting SCMLD.
SCMLD strives to re-engineer that mind and develop such competencies that its students emerge extraordinary in seeing opportunities, feeling balanced, thinking positive, acting prompt and right to produce great outcomes utilizing their emotional & intellectual assets so that they grow faster, stronger and higher. Thus, they should become an inspiration for their own selves & others, by sheer contribution and success achieved without any shortcuts.
SCMLD's endeavour is to nurture and help develop 200 - 250 spirited youngsters with passion, energy and potential to make a difference... wherever they are, in whoever is in their circle of influence and whatever is within their control.
To identify young people with professional and entrepreneurial aspirations, talents & determination and trigger them off to become ethics & values driven business leaders, by enlightening & enabling them to have right perspectives, and grooming them with knowledge, insights, skills, healthy habits and envisioning & intuitive abilities so that they act original with clear vision, conviction & confidence, being competent, and thus be an inspiration to others, besides charting their own success / purpose.
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