Shri Shakti Institute of Hotel Management

In 1993, a foundation stone was laid to establish a college for practical education that would train professionals, who could usher out a new strength to the biggest industry, Hospitality. After a decade Shri shakti college still provides a practical education, though on a larger Scale and truly in a setting that is a world of hospitality in itself. What have not changed are the closed knit community and a one-on-one student and faculty interaction. This is why the institute is probably recognized as one of the best hotel management colleges in the private sector.
Shri Shakti College of Hotel Management has become one of the leading colleges in the country offering Hotel Management Courses. The mission of SSCHM is to become a destination for hospitality studies keeping the Characteristics of Indian Culture & Tradition. The courses are signed and delivered with a focus on demands and challenges of the hospitality and allied industries. The institute aims to provide international and multi-cultural character by providing the necessary environment and also allowing the faculty and students to interact and exchange views. 
Shri Shakti College of Hotel Management educates intellectually and culturally enriched individuals to be successful in their careers and contribute to the nation. SSCHM’s educational philosophy challenges student’s intellectual potential and prepares them for Professional lives in an ever changing and increasingly inter connected world. Students develop the knowledge to understand a complex world, and wisdom to make good choices, than tied down by narrow options which can never be flexible or hindrance to growth.
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City: Hyderabad

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