Shri Shikhsayatan College

Shri Shikshayatan College was founded on 8th July, 1955 for girls under affiliation to the University of Calcutta. Established by the Marwaris, a linguistic minority, it is administered and managed by the Marwari Balika Vidyalaya Society (registered under the Societies Registration Act) which runs it solely for educational and not for commercial purposes.
As a linguistic minority, it enjoys protection under Article 30(1) of the Constitution of India. Originally meant for imparting and promoting education among the girls of the Marwari community, it has over the years, opened its doors, in response to pressures for admission, to all eligible girl students irrespective of caste, creed, religion or language.
The College aims at imparting liberal education which helps in developing the total personality of students and in bringing about all-round growth of their personality and making them self reliant. The college is committed to maintaining a good academic standard in a non politicized environment.
The outstanding feature of the college is the harmonious and integrated co-existence of girls hailing from different parts of the country, speaking different languages and having different cultural backgrounds. The spirit of tolerance and understanding creates an ambience of cultural blending between diverse groups.
Our vision is to impart, promote and spread holistic education among girls to make them self-reliant members of the community.
- Empowerment of women in an environment of multi-culturalism and egalitarianism.
- To develop a commitment to the preservation of environment and sustainable development.
- To uphold universal moral and social values.
- To make the students globally competent through development of communication skills and the use of modern technology.
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City: Kolkata

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