Startup Discussion: Managing the Entrepreneurial Challenge, Mumbai


Organized by NEN E Club Mumbai and YES Bank, 'Startup discussion – Managing the entrepreneurial challenge' showcased startups from Media and Hospitality. The forum facilitated a discussion engaging experts and the members of the audience on key issues that entrepreneurs are facing. The discussion brought forth insights, potential approaches and solutions.

Somnath Pal of YES Bank welcomes the gathering.

Sasha Mirchandani, Mumbai Angels; Gautam Shiknis, Palador Pictures; Rahul Akrekar, Indigo, Degustibus; Karan Ahluwalia, YES Bank

Anuj Agarwal of makes a presentation.

Samyak Chakbarthy of Concrea Communications makes a presentation.

Waridhi Joshi, member of the NEN E Club Mumbai Leadership Council, thanks the gathering.

Networking session follows Expert Panel discussion.