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The E-cell of BIMTECH is known as “Entrepioneer”. This club is only 3 years old and the fourth batch of enthusiastic juniors is about to join in. During the last three years of its existence, numerous events like knowledge sharing sessions, workshops, summits and other fun events have been conducted.

We have had guest sessions on diverse entrepreneurship topics like Social Entrepreneurship, Blogging, Conscious Capitalism, Women Entrepreneurship and many more. This is a platform to plant the seed of entrepreneurship in the minds of young management graduates.

Entrepioneer has celebrated E-Week India for three years with some inspiring and beautiful names like ‘Unmukt’, ‘Aahwahan’ and ‘Avsar’ highlighting the themes chosen for the celebrations. We have featured in the E Week Roll of Honor for two consecutive years.

Since its inception, 35 students have started their own venture. 10 were first time entrepreneurs. We take it as our greatest achievement. We aspire to become an Entrepreneurship hub of the country.

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Is expensive office space a major constraint for bootstrapping startups?
Posted by Nitesh Chandra 2 years 36 weeks

Let's face it, office space doesn't come cheap and there is only so much we can do from home. To build a team, to have the interest of potential recruits/customers, a decent office is essential. It also adds greatly to one's productivity for sure.

So, how are the startups meeting this challenge? Any innovative ideas/offers?

One offer that I know of and am currently availing is the 3-month complimentary Regus Businessworld Gold Membership by EFactor.

If you are aware of any similar offers, do share.

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