IIFT - New Delhi, NEN E Cell

Group Information
New Delhi
Group Description:
The E Cell at IIFT, Delhi aims to act as a catalyst and an incubator for new ideas.
* Provide an outlet for the entrepreneurial zeal and creativity of future leaders at IIFT
* Equipping students with  apt skill set and knowledge to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship.
* Make students aware of the vast pool of resources and networks available to them
* To develop a strong network of entrepreneurs, business schools, government and multilateral organizations, experienced faculty, resource infrastructure and other organizations involved in developing entrepreneurial environment.
Key Events
* Spark Plug, an event for IIFT students to engage with start-ups
Important Alumni
* Rajesh Rai (Founder, New Markets Ventures Partners)
* Manav Garg (CEO, Eka Software)
* Mr. Himanshu Sareen (Founder, Icreon Communication Pvt Ltd)
Nitesh Chandra's picture
Is expensive office space a major constraint for bootstrapping startups?
Posted by Nitesh Chandra 2 years 36 weeks

Let's face it, office space doesn't come cheap and there is only so much we can do from home. To build a team, to have the interest of potential recruits/customers, a decent office is essential. It also adds greatly to one's productivity for sure.

So, how are the startups meeting this challenge? Any innovative ideas/offers?

One offer that I know of and am currently availing is the 3-month complimentary Regus Businessworld Gold Membership by EFactor.

If you are aware of any similar offers, do share.

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