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NEN E Club is an organization of young entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs across Indiaconceived, developed and led by the NEN alumni members.

The NEN E Club aims to facilitate new entrepreneurial development and growth through networking,informal and formal programs to build knowledge and skills, and access to resources includingmentoring, finance, people and information. Additionally, the organization aims to provide the muchneeded and difficult to find opportunities for young startups to showcase and become visible to theentrepreneurial community. This also helps to increase their access to the existing resources forentrepreneurs. The organization strives to do this through a unique culture of owner members who both partake of and contribute to the value in the organization enabling each other to succeed.The E Clubs are led by NEN alumni and other young entrepreneurs and professionals from thecommunity. These young leaders are central to developing and shaping the E Clubs and creating aleadership role for the E club as a group within the NEN. The leadership councils are very focused oncreating a lively, interesting and diverse forum for its owner members.

Functional Leadership teams lead and manage the E Clubs in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.New teams are opening up E Clubs now in Delhi, Hyderabad and Indore.

For more information please connect with Raghab Panda at the Secretariat:

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Is expensive office space a major constraint for bootstrapping startups?
Posted by Nitesh Chandra 2 years 26 weeks

Let's face it, office space doesn't come cheap and there is only so much we can do from home. To build a team, to have the interest of potential recruits/customers, a decent office is essential. It also adds greatly to one's productivity for sure.

So, how are the startups meeting this challenge? Any innovative ideas/offers?

One offer that I know of and am currently availing is the 3-month complimentary Regus Businessworld Gold Membership by EFactor.

If you are aware of any similar offers, do share.

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