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Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, NEN E Cell

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The unquestionable pedigree of those who enroll every year at NSIT means that if a student comes up with the ‘next big business idea’, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. But, as every budding entrepreneur must know, an idea by itself cannot guarantee success. For those starting their own venture, help of any kind is always useful. Acknowledging this, Entrepreneurship Cell NSIT was formed to promote entrepreneurial activities amongst the students, so as to make the college a hotbed for start-ups.


We seek to nurture the wannabe entrepreneurs and instill the excitement of transforming from a dreamer to a doer in others through the organization of events such as B-Plan, Marketing Strategy and Case Study competitions to conducting workshops, seminars and also guest lectures by those who succeeded in establishing their own businesses. 


We at E Cell NSIT aim to provide our members the shelter where they can analyze, refine and customize their ideas. At E Cell NSIT we aim not to produce just businessmen but individuals who are bent on refining the world we live in.


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