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NMIMS - School of Commerce, NEN E Cell

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The entrepreneurship cell of the ‘Anil Surendra Modi School of Commerce’ aims to create entrepreneurs—in person and in spirit. Our goal is to instill fire in the hearts of the youth to become independent from the rat race. We want to trigger young minds to ‘think different’ through our activities such as Business Games, Entrepreneur Talks, Idea Generation workshops and many such fun based events.


We aim at bridging the gap between your dreams and reality. Dreams can only be fulfilled if you strive towards them and we believe in being your friend, philosopher and guide through this journey!


The E-Cell has 3 main goals:-

·         To promote innovation and independent thinking

·         Support individuals to think ‘out-of-box’

·         To help aspiring entrepreneurs connect with mentors, established entrepreneurs.


The ultimate objective of the E-Cell is to create Entrepreneurial Leaders of tomorrow who believe in creating and delivering value.


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