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Shri Shiksayatan College, NEN E Cell

Group Information
Group Description:

‘Shri Vriddhi’, the entrepreneurship cell of Shri Shikshayatan College is a cell set up for the celebration of the spirit of entrepreneurship. Shri Vriddhi aims to encourage entrepreneurship as a suitable career option. The cell intends to provide a platform for its members to showcase their innovative ideas and also to nurture these ideas by providing opportunities to excel.

The objective of the E Cell is to become the college’s premier networked resource to promote entrepreneurial activity among students and also among alumni— who are starting, working for, or advising new businesses in high growth environments.

 In order to accomplish this, we have established the following objectives:

·         Build an entrepreneurial network at Shri Shikshayatan College based on the quality events programming

·         Clear myths about entrepreneurship, aiding more students to identify it as a suitable career option

·         Emphasize the importance of an IDEA

·         Facilitate opportunities for budding entrepreneurs

·         Provide required knowledge to beneficiaries

·         Establish strong interaction between the Academia and students interested in the same subject

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