Acrpolis Institute of Management Studies

Acropolis Institute of Technology & Research was formed with the purpose of providing quality education. Keeping this as an objective, it began the journey of excellence in September 2005. The year 2006 saw the beginning of MBA and MCA courses.
In 2008, we started the Acropolis Institute of Management Studies & Research, Indore, with the host of courses in management, commerce and science streams because Acropolis is not a part of crowd as we strongly believe that winners don't do different things, they do things differently...
To envisage future challenges in technical field at the national and international level. Educate and train students so that they can become technically qualified & highly skilled professionals to meet future challenges and needs of post GATT regime i.e. globalization.
To inculcate research culture to transform India from developing to developed country. The Institute strives for producing the future nation builders with high skills, knowledge, expertise and wisdom for better productivity and economic upliftment of the society & the country. 
"If we cannot change an event, we can at least change our attitude towards that event." 
"Acropolis Institute operates on the simple philosophy of contributing something 'tangible' to the society. By practicing innovation, providing modern infrastructure and introducing unique learning methodologies, we strive to impart that which is effective with relation to education. Our mission is to evantually help turn an aspiring students into a highly confident professional and a responsible citizen."
ACROPOLIS stands right besides its mission with all its impressive facilities - faculties, for the purpose of redefining the society by fostering engineering education i.e. : 
* Not just a degree, but an attitude of life.
* Not just education, but ethic of earnings.
* Simultaneously inspiriting the humane factor and assimilate the feel of one world.
* Above all not just hackneyed form of education, but a form that inspires to achieve a technology - that's yours.
 Acropolis believes in giving something unique and perfect to the society. We always strive to do something innovative with our different teaching methodologies. To turn an aspiring student into a truly confident professional and a highly responsible citizen is our object. 
The Institute aims to inculcate following qualities in students :
·         Positive Attitude
·         Creativity and Courage
·         Problem Solving Abilities
·         Good Oral and Written Communication Skills
·         Talent, Teamwork and Tenacity
·         Ability to Learn New Skills Fast
·         Adaptability to New Work Environments and New Cultures.
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City: Indore

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