St.Philomena's College

A Bishop's dream and a Maharaja's munificence culminated in the establishment of St. Philomena's College on October 9, 1946. His Excellency the Rt. Rev. Dr. Rene Feuga, the First Bishop of Mysore, vacated his mansion to make room for classes and the Wodeyars, the Mysore Royal family, donated 29 acres of land to the college.
As for the methods employed in teaching, there is freedom to innovate.  Encouraged by a far-sighted and progressive Principal, teachers as well as students stretch their wings and accept challenges both within the college and in society at large. Even as it changes, St. Philomena's continues to hold on to its traditions and values, its poetry and pizzazz, instilling a sense of belonging in all who pass through the portals of this college.
Well into its second half-century, St Philomena's looks to the future with hope and the day when autonomy will become a reality. It looks forward to so many exciting prospects - framing its own challenging and relevant syllabi, conducting its own examinations, including extra-curricular activities in the overall student assessment, following the semester system, with more de-centralized curriculum with horizontal and vertical mobility, making the college socially relevant, and shaping Philomenites as men and women who can hold their own in the world and change society in tangible ways.
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City: Mysore

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